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General Manuals
Instrument Design Specifications Hardware and software specifications and requirements for instruments. All 3rd party development must conform to the specifications defined in this document.
Software Development Please read and understand this document carefully before doing any "file management" operations in the CFHT source trees. It describes proper use of RCS, how to make backups, and gives a few tips to help stay organized when developing a project.
FITS Guidelines Here are some proposed guidelines for manipulating basic and multi-extension FITS files. See also libfh, below.
Make.Common How to include and use Make.Common in project Makefiles
Make.56K How to include and use Make.56K in DSP code Makefiles
DSP Code Symbols Assembler symbols and label names to use in your DSP code (this is the interface between the DSP code and "DetCom". Even DSP code generated for "DetI" should be changed to include these symbols now, even though it will ignore them.)
NEO Manuals and Documents
CFHT Data Acquisition Description of the target of hardware and software used to acquire data at CFHT.
Status Server CFHT Status Server documentation (includes client API)
Director Version 3 Describes the functions of the Director feedback window and covers guidelines for creating CLI programs that run as Agents.
libcli This is part of the Director documentation Libcli is a library used for building Agents.
DetCom Detector Interface The command-line detector control interface for UH8K, CFH12K, MegaCam, CFHTIR, KIR, and other SDSU detectors at CFHT.
libsockio Library for creating single-threaded socket servers and clients.
libfh New C FITS handling routines, including support for MEF.
libcfht Widely used C functions for handling par files, signals, logging messages, and more.
libCFHT++ A similar collection of functions but in C++ (currently used by RPM and par2env).
SPIRou High-Level Control Software Preliminary Design Preliminary Design for SPIRou instrument control and data acquisition.
SPIRou Tip/Tilt Guiding and Viewing Software Infrastructure Final Design Final Design of the SPIRou tip/tilt guiding and viewing software infrastructure.
MegaCam Software We're attempting to collect all relevant software manuals and notes for Megacam on this page.
HForm HTML GUI Builder. If you're familiar with creating HTML documents, especially HTML Forms, this manual should be all you need to start creating HForm documents for the RPM Web Server.
RPM Web Server Version 2.0 of the Web Server. Documentation for the HTTP server itself.
DetI Overview A general introduction to the features of DetI, the OLD Detector interface for Infra-red Detectors and EEV. These are now being run by DetCom.
Linux Device Drivers
sspci Linux 2.2.x and 2.4.x Kernel Driver for S-Link PCI receiver cards. RTAI Real-Time Linux support is also included.
lotuspci Linux 2.2.x and 2.4.x Kernel Driver for SDSU2 PCI fiber cards.