Tag Type C++ code (built in to libHForm/
Attributes var=varName Required. Sets the variable name that this checkbox controls.
onChange=actionId Optional. If present, causes the form to be submitted immediately if the checkbox is clicked on. The form goes back to the server and the associated Action is executed.
Contained Tags Any text or hyper-linkable images. When clicked, these will also cause the checkbox to be toggled as if the widget itself had been clicked on (works only with JavaScript). You MUST include a {/Checkbox} tag, even if you want to put it immediately after the {Checkbox} tag.
Related Tags This tag must appear in the Body section.
Comments Checkboxes are used for yes-or-no type questions. The variable will be made available to RPM with either a 0 or 1 value for false or true, respectively. This is the case even when the browser doesn't return the variable at all, when it is unchecked. RPM recreates the variable with a value of 0 when this happens. You can test out the example HForm using that uses Checkbox.