Tag Type C++ code (built in to libHForm/
Attributes [cmd=]string Required. The string may contain nested {rpm} tags that get replaced by contents of variables. The final string is piped to director, which then pipes it to a command line interpreter.
nowait If present, RPM will not hang, waiting for completion of the command. Use this whenever a command starts off an action but the form does not depend on whether it succeeds or fails. Usually it doesn't hurt to wait in any case, however.
Contained Tags None.
Related Tags Cli tags appear within an Action section. They can be intermixed with other Action-contained tags like Exec.

The following example sets up actions for several buttons. Note how pause and abort must be flagged as interrupt in the corresponding Submit tag to work properly, since they should always take effect right away.
  {Var name=msg value=""}
  {Action id=sayit}  {Cli cmd="say {msg}"}
  {Action id=go}     {Cli cmd="go"}
  {Action id=pause}  {Cli cmd="pause"}
  {Action id=abort}  {Cli cmd="abort"}
  {Entry var=msg} {Submit id=sayit label=" Say "}
                  {Submit id=go label="Go"}
                  {Submit id=pause label="Pause" interrupt}
  <FONT COLOR=red>{Submit id=abort label="Abort" interrupt}</FONT>