Tag Type Bourne Shell script (in
Attributes var=varName Required. Sets the variable name whose value we want to set with this file selection menu.
dir=directoryName Required. The name of the directory in which whe want a list of files.
pat=matchPattn Optional. If you want to specify a Glob pattern other than "*", use this attribute.
size=integer Optional. By default, 5 filenames will show in the selection box at once. Use this to specify a larger or smaller box.
max=integer Optional. By default, only the 1000 most recent files will be listed. Use this to specify a different limit.
Contained Tags None.
Related Tags This tag must appear in the Body section.
Examples This example displays a selection box with 50 of the most recent files from the directory "/h/yag" with 5 showing at once in the window. The user's choice is stored in the variable FILENAME, and only filenames matching "*.l*" are listed.