Tag Type C++ code (built in to libHForm/
Attributes form=URL Path Required. Sets the URL of the window that will be opened. Do not include the "" portion of the URL.
label=String Optional. Sets the width and height of the new window to open, and the label that will appear on the open button. If none specified, the title string given in the {Window}...{/Window} tag and size of the form to be opened will be used. (RPM opens the document and parses it if width/height are not given.
target=windowname Optional. Specifies a window name that this form will use. If it is already open, it will be closed first and then reloaded with the new form.
resizable, noscroll, toolbar, menubar, status(RPM/4.x) Optional. Additional options for the appearance of the new window (if supported by the browser)
Contained Tags None.
Related Tags This tag must appear in the Body section.