Tag Type C++ code (built in to libHForm/ and rpm/
Attributes href=URL Required. Gives a URL, possibly on another Web server, to which this Action is to be re-directed. The URL can contain URL-encoded variables, resulting in a GET query string for the new URL. (This is the only case where variables are expanded recursively in the {Head} section!)
Contained Tags None.
Related Tags Redirect appear in an Action section.
Examples Here is a Redirect tag that POSTs form input to an RPM form other than the current one:
{Action id=otherform}
   href="other.rpm?rpmpost=1&somevar={Value var=somevar urlescaped}"}
. . .
The URL may also contain a full path to another server ("http://...").

Note that rpmpost=1 is required to get RPM to look at variables in the URL rather than the headers, where it expects them. Also note that the values should be urlescaped. The "urlescaped" flag to the Value tag takes care of this.