Tag Type C++ code (built in to libRPM/
[loc=]string and
Required. Specifies a location and access method for obtaining the value of the variable. The method= can be omitted with the file name or location ends in .rpm, .par, or .sh. See also information on built-in rpm access methods in the RPM user's manual.
name=wildcard expr Optional. Use this to choose a subset of Public variables which match the wildcard or "Glob" expression.
Contained Tags None.
Related Tags Save tags are ignored unless they appear within an Action section of the Public section. For methods that write to a shell script or external program, an implicit Import is done on the script's output. It simply needs to print lines of the form "variable=newvalue" on stdout to update the variable in the form. Although Private variables will never be passed to the external program, their values can be updated in the other direction by the output of the shell script.
Examples The examples for Action also illustrate some uses the Save tag.