Tag Type C++ code (built in to libHForm/
Attributes label=string Required. Gives the text to go on the button.
id=actionId Required. Gives the Action to execute when the form is returned to the server
interrupt Optional. Use in "fast refresh" mode documents to override the default behavior or putting the request on the queue. Thus must be used for ABORT buttons or anything that interrupts a process with a signal. When the user presses on one of these interrupt submit buttons, any other submits that are pending are discarded (the form may take several seconds to realize this before it reverts the failed values back.)
reload Optional. Use in "fast refresh" mode documents where the submit id would require the entire form to be redrawn. Note: if pressing a submit button results in changing a variable that was used in an {If} tag or other tag that requires regenerating the entire document, this is done automatically. You probably don't need to use reload and can let the server figure it out for itself.
confirm[=string] Optional. If present, and if the client supports javascript, presents the user with an additional "are you sure?" dialog before continuing with the action. If you give it a string value, it will be used as the question displayed for the user.
fork Optional. If present, indicates that the action associated with id will not return content to the same browser window. The is needed to help Javascript control "double" posting of a form.
Contained Tags None.
Related Tags This tag must appear in the Body section. See also the Cli tag for an example of how to use interrupt with abort buttons.