Tag Type C++ code (built in to libHForm/ and rpm/
Attributes filename=string Optional. Specifies a filename hint to pass to the browser. This name will be given as the default if the file is saved to disk by the user or saved to disk by the browser for an "external viewer". RPM tags inside the filename field (or anywhere else in the {Head} section) are not recursively evaluated as they are in the {Body} section, so something like


will not work. You, however, can place a `%s' in the string and it will get replaced by the contents of the variable {filevar} (or {filename}, if {filevar} is not found.) Example:

content-type=string Optional. Gives the content-type of the attachment.
Contained Tags None.
Related Tags Transmit must come after an Export tag with method="xmit". The output of the external program will be sent to the user's browser as an attachement. Currently you can only send one of these per form submission, and the form itself will not update itself. This should be made more flexible in a later version.
Examples The examples for Action also illustrate a use of the Transmit tag.