Tag Type C++ code (built in to libHForm/
Attributes width=pixels Optional. Specifies width of window if window is opened by javascript.
height=pixels Optional. Specifies height of window if window is opened by javascript.
plaintext Forces the document's contents to be sent as 'text/plain' instead of 'text/html'.
refresh=mode If set to a non-zero value, rpm will keep the connection open and attempt to refresh the document in the following ways, according to the value of mode:
  1. Entire document is reloaded if any dependencies change (form disappears and reappears every time something changes, and every time the user hits a button.)
  2. Form only disappears when user hits a button. If a variable changes, rpm will attempt to update the corresponding widget only (using JavaScript.) WARNING: Mode 2 is not tested; use mode 3 instead!
  3. Like 2, but form doesn't even blink when user hits a button. This is done by posting the HTTP request to a hidden image in the document.
  4. Like 3 but uses the method in mode 1 to update the entire screen also whenever a variable changes that is not updatable by javascript. USE THIS MODE!!!! 1,2,3 will probably be removed later since mode 4 works for everything.
Contained Text A String for the title bar of the window.
Related Tags Window should be the first tag in the Head section.

  {Window width="400" height="300" dynamic} 
     Title String For Test Window