The Formal HForm DTD can be used by SGML parsers (such as nsgmls) to validate your HForms. Use of nsgmls is recommended to catch typos and other minor errors which RPM itself may not detect.

A Comprehensive Example of a dynamically updating RPM form is available, and other smaller examples appear with some of the tag descriptions below. To see them, click on the (example) icons.

Examples of forms that actually do something useful are available in demo versions at http://rpm.cfht.hawaii.edu/.

Tag Index

HForm DTD Structure

Head Section Tags

  1. Window (required)
  2. Meta (0 or more)
  3. CardDef (0 or more)
  4. Private (optional)
  5. Public (optional)
Related info:
loc and method attributes

Body Section Tags

Tags which hide/show/include other content:

Tags for HTML FORM elements: Display-only tags: Miscellaneous tags:
NOTE: to add your own documentation, insert a line for your tag here, and edit one of the existing files, like Action.html so that it describes your tag.