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Building the Library

The CFITSIO code is contained in about 30 source files (*.c) and 3 header files (*.h). On VAX/VMS systems 2 assembly-code files (vmsieeed.mar and vmsieeer.mar) are also needed.

The CFITSIO library is built on Unix systems by typing:

   > configure
   > make
at the operating system prompt. The `configure' command customizes the Makefile for the particular system, then the `make' command builds the library.

On VAX/VMS and ALPHA/VMS systems, the command file may be used to build the cfitsio.olb object library. Execute this command file by typing '@make' on the command line. CFITSIO can support both the native G-float format and the IEEE float format on ALPHA/VMS systems; the file can be used to build the CFITSIO library using IEEE float.

On DOS-based PC computers, the makepc.bat file gives an example of how to build the CFITSIO library. This file will probably need to be edited to include the appropriate command switches if a different C compiler or linker is used.

On OS/2 systems, CFITSIO can be built by typing 'make -f makefile.os2'. This makefile requires the GCC compiler and EMX library, which are available from many Internet sites containing OS/2 software, such as and

The MacOS version of the cfitsio library can be built by (1) unbinhex and unstuff cfitsio_mac.sit.hqx, and (2) for the PPC, load CFitsio PPCLibrary.(pi) into CodeWarrior Pro 1 and make. This builds the cfitsio library for PPC. There are also targets for both the test program and the speed test program..

CFITSIO has currently been tested on the following platforms:

   Sun OS                     gcc and cc (3.0.1)
   Sun Solaris                gcc and cc
   Silicon Graphics IRIX      gcc and cc
   DECstation  Ultrix         gcc
   Dec Alpha OSF/1            gcc
   Dec Alpha OpenVMS          cc with /float=gfloat or /float=ieee options
   DEC VAX/VMS                gcc and cc
   HP-UX                      gcc
   IBM AIX                    gcc
   Linux running on IBM PC    gcc
   IBM PC w/ Windows 95       Borland C++ V4.5
   IBM PC w/ OS/2             gcc + EMX
   MacOS 7.1 or greater       Metrowerks 10.+
CFITSIO will probably run on most other Unix platforms without modification. Cray supercomputers and IBM mainframe computers are currently not supported.