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Keyword I/O Routines

Write an 80-character keyword record into the current header. The record will be padded with blanks if the input null-terminated card string is less than 80 characters long.

  int fits_write_record / ffprec
      (fitsfile *fptr, char *card, > int *status)

Write a new keyword with the specified datatype into the current header. The datatype parameter can have one of the following symbolic constant values: TSTRING, TLOGICAL, TBYTE, TUSHORT, TSHORT, TINT, TULONG, TLONG, TFLOAT, TDOUBLE. Note that the address of the value, not the value itself, must be supplied to this routine.

  int fits_write_key / ffpky
      (fitsfile *fptr, int datatype, char *keyname, DTYPE *value,
       char *comment, > int *status)

Read the nth 80-character header record from the current header. The first keyword in the header is at keynum = 1.

  int fits_read_record / ffgrec
      (fitsfile *fptr, int keynum, > char *card, int *status)

Read a keyword value and comment from the current header. The allowed values for the `datatype' parameter are listed above. Automatic datatype conversion will be attempted if `datatype' is not the same as the actual datatype of the keyword. If a NULL comment pointer is given on input, then the comment string will not be returned.

  int fits_read_key / ffgky
      (fitsfile *fptr, int datatype, char *keyname, > DTYPE *value,
       char *comment, int *status)

Delete a specified keyword record.

  int fits_delete_key / ffdkey
      (fitsfile *fptr, char *keyname, > int *status)