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Appendix A Guide to CVS commands

This appendix describes the overall structure of CVS commands, and
describes some commands in detail (others are described elsewhere; for
a quick reference to CVS commands, Note: Invoking CVS).

* Structure
Overall structure of CVS commands
* Exit status
Indicating CVS's success or failure
* ~/.cvsrc
Default options with the ~/.cvsrc file
* Global options
Options you give to the left of cvs_command
* Common options
Options you give to the right of cvs_command
* Date input formats
Acceptable formats for date specifications
* admin
* annotate
What revision modified each line of a file?
* checkout
Checkout sources for editing
* commit
Check files into the repository
* diff
Show differences between revisions
* export
Export sources from CVS, similar to checkout
* history
Show status of files and users
* import
Import sources into CVS, using vendor branches
* log
Show log messages for files
* ls & rls
List files in the repository
* rdiff
'patch' format diffs between releases
* release
Indicate that a directory is no longer in use
* server & pserver
Act as a server for a client on stdin/stdout
* update
Bring work tree in sync with repository

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