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Man Pages for routines in libcfht

cfht_awakecause SIGALRM in the future
cfht_datereturn a string that has the date
cfht_delayreturn after time passes
cfht_dtimereturn elapsed time since epoch in seconds
cfht_etimerreturn elapsed time
cfht_execlaunch a new program FAST
cfht_frecreate regular string from escaped string
cfht_frscreate a string from a sexagesimal type number
cfht_genhgeneric handler "main" routine
cfht_julianreturn a double that has the julian date [Also include man page for cfht_fromjulian]
cfht_lockroutines for managing critical resources [Includes man pages for cfht_initsem cfht_checksem cfht_setsem cfht_initlock cfht_checklock and cfht_setlock]
cfht_log[v]for message and command logging
cfht_numbergeneral purpose number parsing routines
cfht_odreturn the next CFHT exposure number
cfht_signalblock, unblock, install handler, and check for signal event (For general background on signals, read what the glibc info pages have to say.)
cfht_sleepreturn after time passes while asleep
cfht_stringgeneral purpose string manipulation and sanity checking routines
cfht_timereturn a string that has the time
cfht_tobconvert a string into a Boolean
cfht_toechange regular string to escaped string
cfht_toktokenize a string using no global state