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Intro, intro - introduction to commands and application programs


This section indicates which package contains the commands being described on this page. To be able to use the command, the indicated package must have been installed with the operating system. For information on how to add a package see pkgadd(1) .


This section describes, in alphabetical order, commands available with this operating system.

Pages of special interest are categorized as follows:

Commands found only in the SunOS/BSD Compatibility Package. Refer to the for more information.
Commands for communicating with other systems.
Commands associated with Form and Menu Language Interpreter (FMLI).
Commands specific to the SunOS system.

Other Sections

See these sections of the for more information.

For tutorial information about these commands and procedures, see:

Manual Page Command Syntax

Unless otherwise noted, commands described in the SYNOPSIS section of a manual page accept options and other arguments according to the following syntax and should be interpreted as explained below.

name [-option...] [cmdarg...]