Improved versions of unix commands

There are some commands and programs that came with GNU packages that would replace standard ones provided by Sun or HP. These have been installed with a g- prefix to avoid conflicting with the vendor's (SUN/HP) own versions. If you don't like the fact that simple commands like "du" are not consistent between our Suns and HPs, or if you want a "cp" command that can copy directory trees without messing up time stamps or symbolic links, then you might want to select the GNU versions of these common unix utilities. To do this, you will need to select the ones you want by setting up aliases. For example, if you aliased "find" to "gfind", you would get a more sensible and consistent version of the find utility. Or you could just type "gfind" instead of "find" whenever you want to run the GNU version.

There are good reasons to choose the Gnu versions, For example: