Recommended Environment Settings

All of the programs listed in these web pages are installed in /usr/local/bin, so make sure you have /usr/local/bin in your PATH variable, and make sure it appears BEFORE /usr/bin or /bin. To take full advantage of other programs installed on the system, however, I find that things work well with specific PATH settings that I have made available in /apps/gnu/share/cfht.paths. If you "source" this file from your .cshrc, some things will probably work better. If you find a problem with it, please let me know about it, so we can fix cfht.paths for everyone's benefit.
For tcsh/csh users, include the following line in your .cshrc:
source /apps/gnu/share/cfht.paths
To add one of your own path's, you could use something like this after the line above:
setenv PATH .:/tmp/funky/bin:$PATH
The same goes for LD_LIBRARY_PATH (SHLIB_PATH is used instead on HPs).

If you don't have your heart set on a particular shell, I personally recommend using "bash". All this stuff is set up automatically for you by system-wide startup files, even if you have no "DOT" files in your home directory. There's more info on bash elsewhere on this site..