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CFHT Socket I/O Library

Sidik Isani

2002 March 18th
Last revised: 2004 May 18th (v1.6)

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Version 1.6 2004-5-18 - Made it safe to call sockserv_del_client() inside sockserv_run().
Version 1.5 2003-6-2 - Added client disconnect_hook and finalize sockclnt half of libsockio.
Version 1.4 2003-5-27 - Documented the new send-binary hook and client-delete features. Added full prototypes to the API documentation.
Version 1.3 2002-4-16 - Documented the receive hook-disconnect feature (2.2.2).
Version 1.2 2002-3-30 - New sections 1.2, 1.3, and 3.x added.
Version 1.1 2002-3-20 - Corrected sbuf_t state diagram to show SBUF_RECEIVED going directly to write() instead of SBUF_EMPTY. Revised last server flow chart and text above it to show which steps happen inside client_recv_hook() versus client_send_hook().
Version 1.0 2002-3-18 - First version. Lowest layers of server-side done.


libsockio.a is a library for clients and servers that need to pass messages to each other over a socket. It is designed specifically for the needs of the NEO status server, and other servers which use ``line-based'' communication protocols. If used as intended, it is possible to create very fast and responsive single-threaded multi-client socket servers with only a few lines of code needed to manage the socket communication. A second part of the library contains functions to help implement clients, or client protocol libraries to communicate with the server.

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Sidik Isani